Work, Life: Balance

As one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, we know that a big part of being happy on the job is maintaining a fulfilling life outside of work, which is why we provide flexibility options and work/life balance opportunities that allow our employees to take full advantage of the active Yukon lifestyle.

Your work, your life: balance

People like to throw the phrase around. But what does it really mean to have work-life balance? Is it just about balancing your time at work with your time away from it?

In Yukon, we see it as the joy of living that comes from experiencing achievement and enjoyment in both your work and your personal life. Our communities, our lifestyles, our recreational and cultural options, and the opportunities for service, education, and personal growth means Yukoners don’t wait around for the joy of life to arrive; it’s here and now for us.

Turns out, work-life balance is just another way of saying you’re moving to a Continuing Care Career in Yukon.


Leave options for vacation, education, new families and unexpected events

All employees start with four weeks of paid vacation. Long-serving employees receive up to eight weeks of paid vacation.

On top of vacation leave, there are various other paid and unpaid leave options available:

  • Education leave 
  • Maternity leave 
  • Paternity leave 
  • Parental leave 
  • Adoption leave 
  • Personal Needs leave 
  • Sick leave 
  • Special leave 
  • Leave of Absence Without Pay 
  • Long Service Leave 

Deferred leave

Bank a portion of your salary and take long term leave

The Yukon government’s Deferred Salary Leave Plan provides eligible employees the opportunity to finance a leave of absence without pay by deferring portions of their gross annual salary to the year of leave. Employees can take three months leave for educational purposes or between 6 and 12 months leave for personal purposes.

Travel Bonus

Bonus to help cover travel costs

To help offset the cost of travel to and from the territory, eligible employees receive an annual subsidy of $2,242. Employees become eligible for the “Yukon bonus” after the first two years of continuous service and every year thereafter on the continuous service date. The full amount is paid to full-time employees and pro-rated for part-time employees.

Rural allowance

Extra allowance for employees in rural communities

To offset the higher cost of living outside Whitehorse, all employees working in rural communities are entitled to a community allowance. The amount of money depends on several factors, including distance from the head office. If an employee is in receipt of free room and board they are not entitled to the community allowance.

All regular employees, whose headquarters area is outside the City of Whitehorse are also entitled to earn travel bonus credits (providing either 1.5 or 2 days) per quarter (every 3 months). This also applies to managers in Section M.

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